Syrian Refugees: A Thought (Part 2)

Oh Canada. As the Syrian refugee crisis continues and the numbers of refugees keep rising, our government recently brought in the first wave of refugees who will actually have landed immigrant status. This is great news! Our pledge, of course, was 25, 000 and this is a substantial number. However, it is just a small… Continue reading Syrian Refugees: A Thought (Part 2)

Syrian Refugees: A Thought (Part 1)

As an immigrant to Canada, from the countries of Bosnia and Croatia, I’ve taken an interest in the plight of the Syrian refugees. Although their struggle seemed to be more pertinent during our recent Canadian election, I now don’t hear as much about them apart from when there is a tentative connection to them because… Continue reading Syrian Refugees: A Thought (Part 1)

Culture Shock: Korea- Man Humps Tree

I am no stranger to culture shock. Arriving to Canada from the countries of Bosnia and Croatia in 1997, I was impressed to see that the roads are paved here, and that no babies are being sacrificed to sea goddesses, and that soccer is played on an actual soccer field and not a minefield. Therefore… Continue reading Culture Shock: Korea- Man Humps Tree

Crimson Peak Review

The Short This is a very enjoyable movie from Guillermo Del Toro—maybe even his most visually striking movie—but not his best. Crimson Peak offers up some good suspenseful moments and it plays around with traditional gender roles. It is even quite meta, but to get to all of the juicy parts of this gothic/romance/horror movie, you… Continue reading Crimson Peak Review