Justice League vs. Teen Titans Review (2 Pages)

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting my review for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice but timing is keeping from seeing it. So in the meantime let’s look at another versus movie courtesy of DC Animation: Justice League versus Teen Titans. After all, I’ve gone on record stating that while Marvel rules the big screen their animated series and movies pale in comparison to DC’s. I still stand by that, but some of the more recent things to come out of the woodwork are not as good as the older movies. Justice League versus Teen Titans, however, is enjoyable. Okay, time for a small comic book history lesson.

Welcome to History of Comic Books, Volume 1 of 134,457. (CC Contributed by Woody Hibbard)

DC Animation has given us a lot of gems such as the Batman animated series, the original Teen Titans TV show, the critically acclaimed Young Justice, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, and Justice League Unlimited. On the animated movie front Batman has dominated with Mask of the Phantasm, Under the Red Hood, and The Dark Knight Returns two parter. There’s also Batman and Superman: Public Enemies, Apocalypse, and All-Star Superman. Hit, after hit, after animated hit! But then something exciting happened in the comic book world and, to a much lesser extent, on film.

The Flashpoint Paradox was a comic series that would eventually reset the DC Universe leading to the New 52. DC did this in order to attract new readers without them having to sift through the layers and layers of backstory that their characters have.

During Flashpoint Barry Allen, aka The Flash, goes back in time to prevent the death of his mother. This rewrites the current timeline where major changes occur. Superman was taken by the government and kept locked up after his arrival to Earth, Allen never got his powers, Bruce died instead of his parents leading Thomas Wayne to become a kill all villains Batman while Martha Wayne became The Joker (cool!), and Aquaman and Wonder Woman led their respective nations into battle against one another completely decimating Europe and endangering the whole world. Allen eventually gets his powers back and is successful at resetting the timeline again. After Flashpoint all of the major characters got new issues detailing their origins, some tweaked and others not so much.

Can’t deny how awesome they look!

They did the same thing on film, and now all of the movies are following New 52, which is a bit different than what came before. Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis came from this, and I wasn’t the biggest fan. The movies are okay, but Superman is a bit of a dick now, Wonder Woman is a lot more prone to violence, Batman is less edgy, and Green Lantern has taken over the role of wisecracker from Flash and that’s what bugs me the most. At the same time, Batman’s new movies introduced us to the new Robin: Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son with Talia al-Ghul. I don’t like Damian and the new movies have focused heavily on him. These include Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin, and Batman: Bad Blood. So now we come to JL vs. TT and Damian’s back, but this time it’s a bit different. Hopefully I didn’t lose everyone during this long intro; here we go with the movie I’m reviewing.

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