Deadpool: Let’s Discuss Rated R

There’s really no point in me giving an in-depth review of Deadpool. It’s a great ‘superhero’ movie unlike any in recent memory. The action sequences are extremely well choreographed, albeit the CG is painfully noticeable at times, it’s well paced, and it’s visceral. The actors give it their all and fully embrace their roles. It has the greatest opening title or pretty much any movie and it’s meta-humor is hilarious blending the real world with the movie world and the comic world. Plus, the buzz it has built up due to its amazing marketing campaign ensures that this movie will be a massive hit.

The fans should truly be happy because it was by pure force of will and the 11 year efforts of Reynolds and co. that finally made this movie happen. Honestly, this almost never happens. Studios listen to fans as much as I listen to Slipknot or enjoy a Jai Courtney film, which is never. The only other time that I can think of something like this happening is when fans pushed so hard for a change and got Daniel Bryan into WrestleMania 30, which he won in glorious fashion. So, instead of reviewing the movie, let’s talk about the greater impact that Deadpool may have on the superhero genre.

It got pretty misty that night. (CC contributed by Megan Elice Meadows)

First, Deadpool is neither the first nor the only rated R superhero movie, it’s just the biggest one in recent times with an extremely popular comic book character. Other ‘popular’ movies in this list include the Blade trilogy, one in which Ryan Reynolds starred, and one of my personal favorite movies: The Crow. Also notable is Darkman as a cult classic that is one of the bigger reasons for Liam Neeson’s popularity as an action star. But all of those movies are peanuts compared to the popularity that Deadpool is currently enjoying, especially with the box-office records that it’s constantly breaking. Deadpool is pretty much demonstrating how an R rated comic book that fully embraces its source material can be a massive hit, and you can bet that other studios are taking notice.

The superhero genre, as dominated by Marvel Studios, leans on the side of PG to keep accessibility broad and because all those extra little bodies equal massive bucks at the box office. But it is also getting somewhat stale with generic plots, and formulaic acts. The Thor movies are a good example of this as they can generally boil down to good vs. evil and any Iron Movie after the first one is, well, it’s just boring. They had something really good and political going with the Mandarin only to do what they did, and it was bad. Bad Marvel! Meanwhile, the best movie to come out of the Marvel Studios woodwork is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie respected its older audience by making the movie about something serious and highly topical. Out of all of the Marvel movies, it was the one most aimed at adults and we loved it.

On the other hand, Fox has been making serious superhero movies with the X-Men (Acceptability and species war) and The Wolverine (Stab all the people) that tend to be right on the cusp of that R rating. Quick, what’s the best part of X-Men 2, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the stabby stabby part. As a video of it doesn’t exist on youtube, for some reason, let me remind you: Wolverine dives down into some soldiers and makes them into shish kebabs. In a way, it was destined for Fox to be the first to push the envelope and they chose the right character to do that with. What’s better is that unlike The Winter Soldier, Deadpool’s plot is highly simple and it could be one of the many PG superhero movies out there, I mean if Colossus was the hero it sure would be, but it ramps up the violence and blood and the audience loves it. Everyone in the theater was having as much fun as Ryan Reynolds must’ve had when he was making the movie.

It’s a good shot in the arm for the genre and it’ll help make it more diverse. Marvel does have its dark superheroes courtesy of Netflix, but those are not the big screen. Rated R superhero big-budget movies could be in the works so I’m going to speculate on some I would like to see.

A Venom movie! So Venom is an on again off again project that always garners a lot of rumors on the Internet. But could you imagine a Venom movie where the main antagonist is serial killer Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage. That would be awesome! But Paramount has recently entered into a deal with Marvel and they don’t generally take this kind of risk. A Deathstroke movie, because of Deadpool’s connection to him, could also become a reality. Heck, why don’t they just do another Wolverine movie and let him be the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. Also, how about the main man: Lobo? DC’s intergalactic Wolverine could be a great answer to both Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m not thinking of at this moment, but someone with more knowledge of comics could definitely add more ideas to the comments section.

(You can skip those 10 seconds or so of music at the beginning, I did.) 

But if we just get more Deadpool sequels in the rated R superhero category I wouldn’t be all that upset. After all, Cable & Deadpool is one of the few comic series I read in its entirety while sitting comfortably at Chapters. Isn’t Chapters, or Indigo, or whatever it’s called now great? So I am definitely hoping the sequel will be good, and that Keira Knightley will play Cable. Deadpool: if you haven’t seen it then do so, and let’s all hope for a brighter and redder superhero movie future.


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