Suicide Squad: I’m Excited, You? (5 Pages)

You can’t deny that any time you hear those opening lines of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody there is that craving to sing along to it. Its inclusion in the Suicide Squad trailer is genius on the part of whoever made it. The music syncs up well, the slower parts of the song help set-up the characters, and when the hard rock hits the whole thing goes bonkers. It’s an amazing trailer and a thousand times better than that slow, brooding, depressing thing we got before. This trailer is just fun and shows off how much the actors enjoy playing up the crazy—plus it’s not so Harley-centric. So, how optimistic are we that the movie will be good?

DC just doesn’t have a good track record these days when it comes to superhero live action movies (meanwhile, they absolutely rule with their animated features). The Nolan Batman trilogy, in the end, did more to hurt DC than help it. With the success of those movies the baseline for DC became dark realism rather than an acceptance of some of the sillier side of comics. Marvel fully embraced some of that silly, which lead to the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy. Man of Steel, on the other hand, further cemented DC as a brand that liked the dark while shunning all those things that make the world beautiful: kittens, cookies, warm covers during winter. Furthermore, while DC relied on Nolan and didn’t take action with their other properties (we do not speak of Green Lantern) Marvel kept churning out well-directed movies that fed into a greater Marvel Movie Universe and audiences loved it.

So here we are. Marvel rules the world with its box-office hits while DC tries desperately to find a foothold—and with Suicide Squad, they just may be able to pull this off brilliantly…I hope.

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