Syrian Refugees: A Thought (Part 2)

Oh Canada.

CC Licence contributed by: abdallahh

As the Syrian refugee crisis continues and the numbers of refugees keep rising, our government recently brought in the first wave of refugees who will actually have landed immigrant status. This is great news! Our pledge, of course, was 25, 000 and this is a substantial number. However, it is just a small fraction, 0.01% to be exact, that keeps getting smaller as the number of refugees increases, and it brings up the question: are we doing enough, or could we do more?

As a precautionary measure, we are only taking in families, women and children. But there’s more to it. Canada, much like other Western countries, only wants to take in the best of the best. We want educated and driven people, and this, sadly, takes away the people who are most suited for making a change. Unfortunately, it is very likely that Syria’s situation will not change any time soon.

Meanwhile, more people continue to flee. (CC Licence contributed by: European Commission DG ECHO)

Now, as they come, these people will have to face new prejudices, but they will at least not have to worry for their lives anymore. In Canada, we sometimes like to pride ourselves as being more modern and tolerant than our American counterparts. Trump and co.’s recent statements in favour of banning all Muslims are alarming in that they create conflict within the country, they alienate those searching for freedom, and they are an excellent propaganda tool for ISIS to use: “Hey, look. This guy is a powerful American who wants to see you killed. He’s the bad guy, they’re the bad guys.” But in Canada we tend to think of ourselves as better than that, don’t we?

At this moment Trump leads the polls with 38% (CC Licence contributed by: Ninian Reid)

Are we?


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